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You are Silver Elephant who is cool and collected.
Your physique is rather massive, but has elegance.
Your motto is effort and guts to fight.
You would be the center of people and can take leadership anywhere you go.
You have a strong sense of justice, and are a big brother type, who can look after the others.
You are sharp on personal interests, and are cool enough to look over the whole before going into relations.
You have pure and earnest personality.
You don’t agree to something that you are not convinced or anything without explanation.
You only tend to agree to reasonable answers.
Although you are cool and collected, you also are a person of action.
You react quickly to what’s happening in the world, and will be able to take the path which leads to sure and steady success without hesitation.
This will eventually lead to significant leap.
It is important not to miss that opportunity, by thinking about the others too much.
People will leave you for a one-man attitude.
Try to control your arrogance, and be modest, and listen to what the other people have to say.
It is important especially if you wish to create mutual trust in relationship,
You will be good as a business founder.
If you meet a partner who can make quick decisions, it is likely that you will succeed.

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